To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself


He told me “I love you”
I did not reply
I wont tell a lie and say
“I love you too”

Because I do not love myself, so how can I love you?

- M.J.Touré [me]

For old time sake

That awkward moment when you message your ex [out of curiosity] and totally regret it.
Praying that they don’t get the message, and they get it.

You both share an old joke or two for a second ,
laugh for a second,
reminisce for a second .
I think ya must’ve bumped ya head for a second.

Time to hit pause, reevaluate what isn’t yours for a second.
If she was really yours then you needn’t have to pause for many seconds
Cz you would know that her love is timeless,
you can’t go to any hoe and find this


Found this in my notes from last year

Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom, to find yourself. Happiness &love begins with YOU.Try not to rely on a particular person to make you happy. Because once their gone, what happens to you ?

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